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Kindly help in extending metric family "Virtual Server"

Question asked by Soumyadipta on Mar 13, 2019
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Hi community


I was trying to extend the metric family Virtual Server to get virtual server status on dashboards. Mainly the requirement is for Checkpoint virtual firewalls. CAPM to poll and update the particular metric with the value. I have extended the certification accordingly and the value on the particular OID is "OctateString" type. I tried to do "REST PUT" the following in the metric family.

<Attribute name="VirtualServerStatus" type="String">
<Documentation>Status of the virtual servers</Documentation>

It is throwing the following error.

<statusMessage>Metric attribute type must be numeric: Int, Long, Double. Correct the attribute value and try again.</statusMessage>
<!-- Localization properties for building translated status page -->
<title>Type Catalog Web Service Status</title>
<code>Status code</code>

I tried only the following as well, but "VirtualServerStatus" is not getting updated as a metric value in any dashboard or reports.

<Attribute name="VirtualServerStatus" type="String">
<Documentation />

Kindly help so that we can have the mentioned metric in dashboards.


Thanks in advance


Soumyadipta Ganguly