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TSS Disaster Recovery

Question asked by steely.mark on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by BobBoerum

This is just an INFO question. I was working on getting rid of UADS entries. So I was testing adding the TSO segment to the ID's and removing the UADS entry. No problem with that. The question came up that some of the UADS entries needed to be retained to allow disaster type recovery. I have always heard that and have had that at every place I have worked. Never had the need - but I wanted to test the theory.


I shutdown TSS (temporary) and tried to logon - entered an ID and the logon hung (with & without TSO segment) until I started TSS backup. Is there a way to test this - or is that not possible. If TSS doesn't come up during the IPL (abend,

JCL error or other) is there a way to logon to the system ?


Or is the only answer is to fix from another LPAR or have a recovery system ?