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Admin- Topology - Windows agent user/password 

Question asked by shimaneks on Mar 13, 2019
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Are there requirements for a userid/password windows agent?  We have added a userid/password to an agent in Topology and we have the userid on the job definition. 


The job gets a SUBERROR - "The user name or password is incorrect.".


We can log onto the server with the userid/password. 


I found this doc but doesn't indicate there are any userid/password restrictions


Our userid has _ and - in it

our password starts with alpha and has mixed case, numeric, special characters like % # @ ?


it does generate an empty spool file


Output of messages for workload object UFMW010001.CAWAPOC/CAWAPOC.1/MAIN

Start date Wed Mar 13 10:36:57 2019

---------------- The end of the file ----------------