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Supp_Key is going out of Limit(255 characters), Due to which we are getting null value of Supp_key

Question asked by Mohit.Kumar.Pal on Mar 15, 2019

For the Event ID 1135, We want to use auto ticketing with Supp_key with message key as it contains CI host name and auto ticketing would be done on basis of CI hostname irrespective of the Virtual machine name from which the alerts are getting generated and all the other alerts having same CI host name in message would be appended in the same ticket instead of creating another ticket. But after including message key, value of Supp_key is going out of Limit 255 characters and we are getting null value for Supp_key. Thus auto ticketing is not working.


We need Supp_key as $profile - $source - $event_id - $message


Is there any way by that we can restrict supp_key characters limitation at UIM level or cut the rest characters out of 255?