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How to retrieve user_uuid to a value in a select

Question asked by varelafpy on Mar 15, 2019
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Could someone help me with this?


CA SDM 14.1 'tus-110'

CA Service Catalog

SQL Server 2008


I builded a object report in the catalog to retrieve the name and user id to a form in the catalog.


i create 2 variables, one for the value, one for the label, in the value i put the useruuid and in the label i put the name of the person.


When i retrieve the value of the select it show "undefined" like the value is not retrieving.


I tried put other columns in the variable value for testing, i tested with userid, type, and last_name and it works, the values hast retrieved successfully, but when i try to retrieve useruuid it does not work.


The value is showed in the report like others but i cannot retrieved with a getselectedvalue even with getselection....

Please help!