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Set RelayState parameter as a Cookie / Header in the Federation Connection

Question asked by Sasidharan on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Zen_Leow

We have a requirement to set the incoming RelayState attribute either as a Cookie / Request Header in the federation connection (where we act as the SP). This is needed for our in-house portal application (protected by CA SSO) to redirect the user back to the requested resource based on this value.


Use Case:


1. Client user initiates a SP-initiated federation request with RelayState set as App A. This App A is protected by CA SSO.

2. The incoming assertion is validated & the request is redirected to App A.

3. Policy configurations in CA SSO for App A redirects the user to a page in App B (protected by the same CA SSO) to complete additional formalities.

4. Ideally, after completing the formalities, the user needs to get redirected to the original requested resource - App A. Since the web page in App B does not have the info of the original requested resource (App A), user lands on to App B.


We are therefore planning to set the RelayState that contains the final destination URL either in a Cookie / Request Header in the federation connection so that the cookie is made available to App A & App B, based on which the web page in App B can redirect the user back to App A after completing the additional processing.


Kindly let us know how can this be configured in the federation connection please.