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Calculated Risk - Pre and Post treatment - Value in NUX - not number.

Question asked by Mayank.Joshi on Mar 18, 2019
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There is one set of risk rating available as seeded attributes.


Calculated Risk ,

Probability (likelihood)  and 

Impact (consequence).

Calculated Risk =  Probability * Impact.

We use the above set as a initial (Pre-Treatment) values.

The Calculated Risk gets computed dynamically and automatically as and when either the Probability or Impact change.

The NUX displays the value of rating appropriately.


We need another set of these three attributes for the Post-Treatment plan.


I prefer the custom attribute for Post_treatment_Calculated_risk to be similar to the seeded the attribute Calculated Risk.


May I know how can this be achieved?

The issue I have with the Display of Rating in NUX. 

It displays number instead of the Rating Description.


Please advise.


Thank you.