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Close All Child Tickets

Question asked by DArceyTaylor on Mar 19, 2019
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So we recently started working with classic workflows and things have been turning out great. But we are having an issue where once a ticket has been attached to a parent, and the child ticket has a work flow attached to it. The 'Close All Children' Action from the parent fails due to there being open tasks in the child ticket or tickets.


We are looking to:

1)Add/Edit functionaility that would be similar to the 'Close All Children' function, to change the status of a workflow task status to a completed one. Now we also run into a delema where, technically the child ticket wasn't resolved, but that will have to be a discussion among our clients and the analsyts.


What I found here looked promising Change status for all child ticket , but I was hoping to get the full solution. The link to the site doesn't work for me.



2) Using macros check to see if the ticket has a parent, and if yes, then cancel all workflow tasks if there are any. This way the Close All Children option will work.



3) If there is some way that when a solution is logged for a parent request/incident, that same log solution can carry over to the child records. Then I would need something similar to the cancelled status on a CR ticket, to take what ever status we use in the log solution to set the work flow tasks to a complete status.


I know this is asking for a lot, but it is just a complicated solution that our team needs to address.