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     Vendor Certification XML  - Multi-MIB Table

Question asked by Plourenco on Mar 19, 2019
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I'm trying to build a new vendor certification using 2 MIB tables.
To parse different indexes(and create only one Item) I tried with Index TagList:



From:Multi-MIB Table Support - CA Performance Management - 3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation 



<ExpressionGroup destCert="{}MWwifiConf" name="LigoWaveConfTable.WifiConf">
<Expression destAttr="Indexes">"createIndexArray({LigoWaveWirelessHostIndex, RemoteNodeHostIndex})"</Expression>


But it's only sending one index(Index List={[8]}).

From debug:

Polled Items(1)      Item ID=89707, Name=LigoWave Wifi Interface, Index List={[8]}

 Any idea why?



Pedro Lourenço