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Expose a single API catalog for multiple API Gateways

Question asked by jkmurthy on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Leandro Dantas



We have an on-premise installation of the CA API Gateway (v9.3) which securely exposes a set of APIs. We now have a transformation programme running internally that requires a set of applications/back ends to be hosted on the Cloud and a lot of traffic is expected to flow through this.


We were thinking of setting up a new instance of the API Gateway hosted on the cloud. So essentially we would now have multiple gateways (separate clusters) serving a specific set of APIs.


However we wanted to provide a single view of all the APIs to the Developer and therefore plan to have just one portal instance which can display the APIs hosted on both of these Gateways.


Please let me know if this is possible in the 4.2 version of the portal. Specifically my queries are:

1. Is such an approach feasible ?

2. How does key management, app creation etc work ?

3. Where do portal-published APIs get ported to ?