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File descriptors not fully used by the policy sever in Red Hat 7

Question asked by Mithrandir on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Mithrandir

Currently, our /etc/security/limits.conf has the following entry:


smuser           -       nofile          8192


However, when we see how many file descriptors the policy server is using (using the 'smpolicysrv -stats' command),

 we see the following:


 Server 'Stats' command received
[6776/139631865247488][Fri Mar 22 2019 15:30:01][CServer.cpp:4840][INFO][sm-Server-01990] ===================================================================================
[6776/139631865247488][Fri Mar 22 2019 15:30:01][CServer.cpp:4841][INFO][sm-Server-02000] System Statistics
[6776/139631865247488][Fri Mar 22 2019 15:30:01][CServer.cpp:4847][INFO][sm-Server-02010] Available file descriptors: 4096


The policy server reports 4096 and not 8192


This is happening in Red Hat 7 with policy server R12.8SP2.


In  Red Hat 6 with policy server 12.6, we did not see this behavior. We would see the full usage of 8192.


Has anyone seen this behavior? Any ideas?