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Use 2 lookup_by_alarm_field nas: alarm_enrichment rule

Question asked by Miller2012 on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Miller2012

Hi all


I am capturing the field "IfAlias" for the alarms from snmpcollector. This field I need to place on the alarms of snmpcollector


The query that I am used for capturing IfAlias is ---->


On this query I hope capture = source and = Interface to place on the alarm snmpcollector the IfAlias


This is the field (udata.values.source) for find the source:


And this is the field ( for find the interface:


And I need add on the same rule the lookup for interface, because the search needing source and the interface


I have on the nas and alarm_enrichment for get the source ---->


How can I add to the find the "source" and the "target" with this look up, in the same rule?