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SiteMinder Post Preservation page briefly displaying

Question asked by dmt953 on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by Mark.ODonohue

Hi Folks,


One of our web applications is introducing a new enhancement feature for the change/forgot password flow and we're rolling it out in the non-production environment.  Right now we're seeing the SiteMinder post preservation page briefly displayed on the browser for about 3 seconds.  This is not desirable by our business department so I am trying to see how we can prevent this page from appearing.  Below is the content of the page:


"This page is used to hold your data while you are being authorized for your request. You will be forwarded to continue the authorization process. If this does not happen automatically, please click the Continue button below."


Are there any ACO parameters that we can change so that this page would not be displayed without affecting the posted data?


SiteMinder Apache web agent r12.52 SP1 CR04

Linux RHEL 6