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Are CA SSO web agents still constantly being enhanced?

Question asked by Zen_Leow on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Zen_Leow

Dear CA,


Since CA SSO r12.6, there has been no web agent releases that matches that version. I believe it was CA's direction to push everyone towards the CA Access Gateway setup format.


However, some of our clients are resisting the change and want to stick to using classic web agent installation on top of existing Apache HTTPD and/or IIS servers.


We can see that the latest web agents available is r12.52 SP1 CR9a and have tested them to work fine with CA SSO Policy server r12.8


My question is, will these web agents continue to be supported and developed further to keep up with supporting new web server versions? or are we expecting the r12.52 web agent chains to stop here? Knowing answer to this can help us better advise our clients moving forward.


Thank you.


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