How you handle Windows Agent Upgrades?

Discussion created by daniel.berg on Mar 25, 2019

We have all our agents using Autosys AE System Agents.  We in the process of upgrading all our agents.  For Linux it just takes time since you can keep jobs runnings but just need an agent restart to take new agent.  You still need to go to each machine, but there is less hassle since you don't have to kill all jobs and agent processes.


The problem is Windows Agents.  Due to how Windows works, you have to kill all jobs and autosys agent processes to do the upgrade.  There seems to be no option than do 1 at a time.  Since you have to kill all jobs and agent processes its very touch to coordinate every upgrade.  Some machine will be almost impossible to upgrade.  This is extremely time consuming not to just the upgrader itself but the coordination between job owners.


FYI:  The upgrades I am talking is the true agent upgrade that is now in 11.4 agents.


How do others handle Autosys Windows Agent Upgrades?  Is there is processes that you take that will help speed up the agent upgrades?