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WA EE Agents - using a VIP addr for primary / failover agent

Question asked by Loraine on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by RickR

Scenario:  We installed agents on a primary and failover server with the same agent name (one remains down) and then created a VIP with the two addresses. In AGENTDEF, I defined the agent name with the VIP and port but get a 'connection error'. When I define the agent with the actual addr and port of either server, then the Manager 11.4 on z.OS  and the agent are able to communicate, one at a time.


How do I define a DR agent to be able to failover to using a VIP?  Should we not use a VIP?  Should the agent names be different and both remain up? Would workflow scripts know to use the DR agent if the primary agentname is coded?


Looking for suggestions.

thanks, Loraine