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Monitoring with logmon, logs on different lines

Question asked by Miller2012 on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Miller2012

Hi everyone.

I need monitoring a log that contains a lot information but only need that monitoring this lines.


19-03-11;00:35:01.742 \CREDIBA.$PCRT2   ACI.SKEL-U.1000         1035

           !!!    FROM: P2C^RTAU2         RE: P2C^RTAU2

           Possible error message logged earlier

I am get the log with logmon probe, configuring a watch rule (Possible\serror\smessage\slogged\searlier) and this working okay, but I need capturing the variable PCRT2 and P2C^RTAU2 


How can I getting this variable for add it on the message of the alert? because the logmon only it's reading one line and if I need capture the variable PCRT2 and P2C^RTAU2 I need readinding the lines above from where the watch rule it's.


Best Regards.