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Index in ZDU environment with multiple JWPs

Question asked by ChristianSchneider609937 on Mar 27, 2019
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few weeks ago we upgraded our AWA environment with ZDU and since yesterday we have weird situation.

For ZDU we seperated our environment so that the half of the CPs and WPs run in one directory (AutomationEngine) and the others run in a seperate directory (AutomationEngine_ZDU). The ZDU works perfectly but after a reboot last Sunday for the Windows Security Updates, the search index will created in the wrong directory. That is very bad because if you changed the name of an object you won't find it in the search and you can also not insert this object into an jobplan.


At first I have thought I have to created a second JCP that works in AutomationEngine_ZDU but this does not help.

Then I recognized that:

Before the reboot the index were build in AutomationEngine\bin\indexCache\12.2.

Since Sunday it will be created in AutomationEngine_ZDU\bin\indexCache\12.2.


Just for fun I have disable the JWP which runs under AutomationEngine_ZDU and then the Index were build in the correct directory. After I have started the JWP the index were created in the AutomationEngine_ZDU folder.

Additional I have adapted the order of services in ServiceManager so that the JWP in AutomationEnginge starts before the other one because I have read that the first JWP is responisible for the lucene index.


For better understanding here my environment:

1) AutomationEngine

2 CPs

1 JCPs

3 WPs



2) AutomationEngine_ZDU

2 CPs

1 JCPs

3 WPs



Does anyone has some experince and could give me some tipps?


Thanks for you help.


Best regards,