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API Portal 4.3 support on MS Azure

Question asked by jkmurthy on Apr 1, 2019
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Could you please confirm if it is possible to deploy the portal (Docker containers) on MS Azure readily or would there need to be lot of groundwork to enable such a configuration.


The reason I ask is that in the CA Website (API Developer Portal - CA Technologies ), the text says:

"Supports the environments where your apps and APIs reside. Your API portal is deployed in Docker containers and can be used in private or public cloud, SaaS or hybrid models to suit what’s best for your business."


However in the portal documentation (Prepare your Environment - CA API Developer Portal - 4.3 - CA Technologies Documentation ), it reads:

"You cannot install Portal on a platform such as AWS or Azure. The only currently supported format is the OVA."


Please confirm what the above 2 statements mean w.r.t. deploying Portal on Azure.