Need your feedback -- SQL development plans

Discussion created by Dale_Russell Employee on Apr 3, 2019
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Datacom Community members,
We in Datacom Development are having additional discussions to plan and prioritize work for CA Datacom SQL in the weeks and months ahead.  We'd really value your input as we make decisions in the next couple of weeks or so.  What items are most important to you?  Here are some categories:
     Additional scalar functions
     OLAP functions
     Other SQL syntax (what?)
     Improvements to the SQL Monitor
     Performance improvements to SQL query execution
     Education on SQL query tuning
     Other (what?)
Suggestion:  If you're not an application developer, ask a developer at your site for their opinion and provide that.  Better yet, ask that developer to join our Community, and both of you can give your feedback.
RequestCould I please ask you to respond with your feedback -- as many of you as possible -- by the close of business on Thursday, April 18th?
Feel free to comment if what has been said by others triggers additional thoughts with you. Let's have a good discussion here!
And thanks again for letting us know what would be most valuable to you and your shop!
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