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How to handle a JSON/REST Arguments that change dynamically

Question asked by RaviMerneedi_CVS on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by RaviMerneedi_CVS

I'm creating a Virtual service for a JSON request that has a plain URI and an argument that changes dynamically with the following parameters


e.g. POST http://ip:port/serviceName/operationName?operationIdentifier/parameter1/parameter2/parameter3

and an XML Payload request.


I Built a VSI & VSM using REST protocol and generic XML payload parser and set up Exact Match Tolerance on the request arguments. Once the service is deployed, Live requests don't get matched as the Request arguments - parameter1, 2 & 3 change dynamically and do not match the tolerance and gets an error "LISA VSE couldn't match a request..."



POST http://ip:port/serviceName/operationName?operationIdentifier/5678231/98342/14876



POST http://ip:port/serviceName/operationName?operationIdentifier/98778231/412342/84876


Is there any way to set the arguments with Parameters to be ignored or Parameterized with any handler?