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Data Driven Virtual Service

Question asked by RituA on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Sankar Natarajan

Hi- I have a requirement for a data driven SV. The service is SOAP. Request has just two fields-



Based on account number, the profile needs to be responded. We can’t respond with static data hence profile needs to be maintained in some data set from where profile can be fetched based on the “AccountNumber” field in request.

I will be having some 20,000 AccountNumber for which I need to setup this Data Set.

I was going through with Data driven virtual service creation from Portal and have some queries-

1.Can this solution be created for such large data like 20,000 records?


2.The request of the service in SOAP format and the key parameters in request are as “Attributes” and not “Arguments” after adding SOAP DPH. In order to have them as arguments, I need “Generic XML Payload Parser” DPH which is not available in Portal. Is there any way I can have GXPP DPH in Portal?


3.Can Data Driven virtual services be created in Workstation? If yes, please help.


4.Can virtual service created in Workstation and deployed in environment be modified in Portal? If yes, can Data driven option is feasible to added for those service?




Appreciate you help and suggestions!