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PRJ-07002: Update operation failed. The project cannot be locked.

Question asked by mattguercio on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by mattguercio

Hello All - 


We have numerous processes that unlock, set, then re-lock our "Work Status" attribute (which includes project state values -- i.e. Submitted, Active, On Hold, Closed, etc.).  These values are modified throughout the project lifecycle as each process is executed.


We're encountering an error in these processes for projects that utilize Microsoft Project, which "locks" the project and causes the processes to error out with the following:

PRJ-07002: Update operation failed. The project cannot be locked.


Wondering if either:

  • There is a project attribute related to the MSP Lock function which I can add at the start of each process to "unlock" the project prior to the automated locking functions occurring,
  • A streamlined way to avoid both locking mechanisms interfering with each other,
  • Any recommendations at all.


I thought to create two sets of Blueprints and Processes, one for Clarity projects and other for MSP Projects in Clarity.  And, each processes start option could include "If Blueprint = Clarity, use Clarity-version of process" or vice-versa -- however, this would be very, very cumbersome and time consuming so hoping there's another option out there.


Thanks in advance for your time and effort.