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Jenkins Plugin marks the build as failed for successful tests

Question asked by VenkataKoripalli on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by gajsr01

I am using CA DevTest v:10.3 and setup a Jenkins pipeline to run the tests.

Using Jenkins I am able to deploy the virtual services and executed the tests.

But after the execution of the tests, the Jenkins marked the build as failed for the passed tests.


Please see this Jenkins log:

20:41:39 Test/Suite from MAR file was successfully deployed, id = D2KJHKHF94985BSMBDF ]

20:42:31 Test/Suite run finished with status: FAILED

20:42:31 Test/Suite run details: 2 test(s) executed (1 test(s) passed, 0 test(s) failed)


Not sure what went wrong here and tried the same test suite from the DevTest tool and its working fine.


Anyone see this type of error before?


Thank you in advance.

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