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Does anyone use srvquery=1 in ucsrv.ini ?

Question asked by FrankMuffke on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Tim_Quakulinsky

Hi all,


does anyone use this setting? I do not dare changing this setting without further tests -but in my sandbox there are only 5 Agents available :-S





; srvquery: Determines which process responds to the agent's life sign message

; This setting has a performance impact. If the CP layer responds than the workload is distributed as agents are connected to different CP's whereas only one Primary WP exists in a system. Furthermore there is no need to hand over the agent's life sign messages to the PWP via the message queue tables which safes database IO's


; 0 - The primary work process (PWP) responds to the agent's live sign messages. (Slower)

; 1 - The communication processes (CPs) respond to the agent's live sign messages. (Faster)


Any experiences and thoughts appreciated.