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Is it possible with UIM to monitor a non CA product trough API which has double Authentication security?

Question asked by Dijker on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Rich.Lankester

Goodday Everybody,


My company is at the moment researching if the UIM product is suitiable for puchase. We want to use the UIM to provide monitor services to our customers. We are already employing various CA products, such as the API Gateway which thusfar we successfully have been able to monitor with UIM.


However we also use products that are not from CA. One of these products is the cloud service Dell Boomi. I've already researched that it is possible to monitor products with API with the use of the RESTMon of UIM. We have a company enforcement though, that every Dell Boomi account must be secured with two factor authentication based on TOTP with the google authenticator app. It is not possible to make a seperate account on which this authentication does not apply, since it is only enforceable to all or none.


I've already tested the Dell Boomi API with postman, and I was able to run successful API questions. However, I did need to provide an extra header in which I had to fill in the temporary password provided by the Google authentication app. This also changes every 30 seconds, so practically I had to type in for every API call a new password.


So the question comes down to this:

Is it possible to monitor products with UIM which require a two factor authentication. And if so, how can this be accomplished?