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CA SDM, Additional Search Arguments

Question asked by jordanreich on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by jordanreich

Hey all,


We have ran into an interesting problem upon migration from 17.1.01 into 17.1.02.


After completing the migration we appear to be getting default values being set in the additional search arguments location of SDM when looking up and using a template from which to create a R/I ticket.


For example my default values are set as:

Whereas another user may have default values as such:


It does not seem to be consistent. In that some people seem to get the additional organization ID and some do not. The problem is that with all of this additional data in the search parameters people can no longer find a full list of template results easily. Having to delete this additional argument every time they perform a search. 


We currently have a support case open with CA on this topic. But wanted to know if anyone else had ran into this and if you did what you did to fix it. 


If not I will post the solution to this issue as well once we isolate what it is.