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OBS Mode in Power Filter on Custom Portlet

Question asked by ChriSchu7 on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Dave_3.0



is it possible to have the OBS Mode field appearing, when the Parameter OBS is selected in the Power Filter on a custom portlet?


I see this behaviour on objects, like project (and also custom objects):

--> "unit only" etc. is popping up after select "OBS Unit" in the dropdown


also on custom objects:


But on a custom portlet it will not appear, even if the attribute is linked with OBS:

note: id is linked to the OBS in the Query, so you can select an OBS Unit into the Right-Field. But there is no dropdown appearing below to select the Unit Mode.



Isn't this possible on Portlets? Or how can I achieve this?


Business Case behind this is, that we want to select multiple OBS Units (just possible in Power Filter)

and use the feature to dynamical select whether with descendents or just for the unit. (This is just possible in the normal filter)