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Alarm Console Performance

Question asked by jbovee Champion on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by jbovee

Is anyone else seeing a huge difference in loading up the Alarms view based on the group context selected?  If I set the breadcrumb to a group defined in PC (which has a rule set to include all devices that are members of a specific Spectrum Global Collection), the view sits and spins for a couple minutes before rendering.  When it does finally render, it may or may not show all of the alarms for the devices in that group.  If I set the breadcrumb to Inventory > Data Source > Spectrum > All Spectrum Global Collections> random GC, then the view pops up immediately and is mostly accurate.  It doesn't seem to display interface alarms for devices in that GC even though the GC special search criteria is set to None, but I can mostly live with that.  The drastic difference in performance between those two methods, and the better performance being the more cumbersome method, is a concern though.  Any thoughts or suggestions?