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Question asked by GrantL01 on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2019 by urmas

When I go into Admin - OBS, there are 4 listed.  One Financial Dept OBS, One Financial Location OBS, a Master OBS and a Time Reporting OBS.  The two financial OBS's are currently checked off as "used for access rights" but don't have any "units" associated with them.


The other two OBS's have units, the master OBS is assigned to projects and resources, the time reporting OBS is assigned to resources.


We are trying to setup an OBS that will allow us to streamline access rights for management, i.e. a Resource Manager would like to see the timesheets for ALL of their department and not just their direct reports assigned to them.  Where can I find more information on OBS and how to set it up?  They are looking to do this based on the ORG chart, however I feel it may be a little to complex to set it up that way.


Any help, guidance, best practices are definitely welcome here.  If OBS isn't the best way to do what we are looking to do, what would be the best practice to achieve this ask.


Thank you in advance.