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Is there an interactive step that can use manual input during an ITR run ? I'm using DevTest v10.3

Question asked by swarnimsoy on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2019 by DannySaro

I'm using DevTest 10.3 in IOS. I wanted to manually input my choices (on the go) for further execution within an ITR run.

For example, i'm running a script (say, ComprehensiveEmployeeDetails.tst) that goes through multiple levels of details via separate API calls, EmployeeDetails, EmployeeProjectDetails, ProjectLocationDetails, LocationBackgroundDetails, etc. This script essentially gets input to a step from the response of a previous step.

I needed to have an interactive dialog from ITR, after ProjectLocationDetails API call, something in line with :

Input the Location for next lookup: "   ".

This input could be used for next step.


Is there such a provision in DevTest 10.3 ?