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How to Automate Opening and Closing Time Periods?

Question asked by mattguercio on Apr 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by roland.parrotte

Hello All - 


Wondering best practices and recommendations for automating opening and closing time periods?


Logic could be 2 weeks prior, current week, and 2 weeks future are active.  As each new week comes, automation closes one week in the past (the one furthest away) and opens one week in the future (next one up).



Weeks open are 04/01, 04/08, 04/15 (current), 04/22, 04/29. Once we move into next week (04/22), automation closes the 04/01 week and opens 05/06 week.  Next time would close 04/08 and open 05/13.


Is there a job that accomplishes this?   Appreciate all help, time and effort.