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Discussion created by another_martink on May 16, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by MaxPemberton

ca.portal.admin certainly must have been busy longer than just the freeze time visioning and generating this new structure and look and feel.
I some areas like the user communities the navigation seems to be smoother to get to the beef and even more so after getting more familiar.

There were a number of sticky threads. I would be nice to have them highlighted stand out from the other posts and if not have all of them at the top again or to have a FAQ link or have those thread stored as document in a library.

When I go to My CA, I have a number of portlets and the possiblity for creating bookmark., cool.
Is it possible to create a bookmark directly at that level rather than crating a folder first and then the bookmark inside it?
What I am after on that My CA page direct link to the message board and Support online for Clarity.
Please educate me how would you do those other than creating a folder and bookmarks in it.

Martti K.