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Problem with Proj. Mgr. also being project Participant

Question asked by FHN on Aug 1, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
We have encounterd an issue in Clarity (Verson 12.0.5) where a Project Manager of a project is unable to edit the properties of his/her project's tasks if that person is also a project Participant or Collaboration Manager. As a result, our support team is constantly having to remove the PM as a CM/Participant so they can manage their tasks, then add them as a Participant again so they can add/manage documents & discussions. This issue has been conclusively traced to a defect in the CA-supplied Oracle function ODMD_PARSE_TO_END_FCT, which is part of the PPM Essentials Add-in to Clarity.

See the attached document for details of the defect we found, as well as the simple fix that we tested and determined to correct this issue.

Has anyone else come upon this problem?

After we determined the apparent correction for this problem, we asked CA to provide us reasonable (not neccessarily ironclad) assurance that making this fix wouldn't break something somewhere else. For some reason, they have dragged their heels on that, and don't seem to be able to take that one last step to helping us put this to rest.

Any thoughts, anyone out there, on how to get this settled?

Thanks for any input anyone can provide.

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