TIP : Documenting your Configuration (via SQL)

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(I just posted part of this SQL on a 'normal' thread; and it occurred to me that this is quite useful and is perhaps deserving of "TIP status" on its own)

Do you ever find yourself having to document your Clarity configuration? You know how "they" like documenting everything and "we" all know its a pain, the system documents itself doesn't it??? :wacko:

Anyway, to save yourself having to revisit your OBJECT and VIEW setup in Clarity studio and slavishly copy or cut/paste all the settings that you have made in studio into a document (to keep on a shelf somewhere), try running this sort of SQL instead;

select ( select name from cmn_captions_nls where language_code = 'en'   
and table_name = 'ODF_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES'   and pk_id = A.id ) AS "Attribute"
,( select description from cmn_captions_nls where language_code = 'en'  
and table_name = 'ODF_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES'   and pk_id = A.id ) AS "Description"
, initcap(data_type) as "Data Type" , default_value AS "Default" 
, internal_name AS "Database Column / Attribute ID"
, decode(lookup_type,null,'','Lookup name '''||
(select C.name from   cmn_captions_nls C , cmn_lookup_types L
where L.lookup_type = A.lookup_type and C.pk_id = L.id
and language_code = 'en' and table_name = 'CMN_LOOKUP_TYPES')||' / '||(lookup_type)||''' ')
|| decode(A.is_editable,0,'Read-only "Checked" ',null)
|| decode(A.extended_type,'lookup',null
,decode(A.data_type,'string','Maximum Size: '||data_size||' ',null))
|| decode(A.extended_type,'lookup',null
,decode(A.data_type,'number','Decimal places: '||scale,null)) AS "Miscellaneous"
from odf_custom_attributes A where object_name = 'xxxxxxxx'
and internal_name != 'partition_code'
order by A.created_date asc

Replacing 'xxxxxxxx' with an object name, for example 'project'

For VIEW configurations, I use the following;

select ovs.label As "Section"
, VAT.name  AS "Property Label"
,decode(ova.col,1,'Left',2,'Right',ova.col) As "Column"
,attribute_code||DECODE(CAT.name,null,null,' ('||CAT.name||')') as "Attribute"
,decode(widget_type,'text','String','textarea','String','browse','Lookup','select','Lookup','datepicker','Date','checkbox','Boolean',widget_type) As "Data Type"
,decode(widget_type,'text','Text Entry','textarea','Text Entry','browse','Browse','select','Pull-Down','datepicker','Date','checkbox','Check Box',widget_type) As "Display Type"
,decode(ova.is_required,'1','Y') As "Required"
,decode(ova.is_editable,'1','',0,'Y') As "Read-Only"
,CASE WHEN widget_type = 'checkbox'
THEN decode(ova.default_value,0,'Unchecked','Checked')
ELSE decode(ova.default_value,'date_today','Today','date_tomorrow','Tomorrow','userId','Current User','',''    
,'Value '''||ova.default_value||''' from lookup') END  AS "Default"
FROM odf_views ov
JOIN odf_objects oo on ( oo.code = ov.object_code )
JOIN odf_view_attributes ova on ( ova.view_id = ov.id )
LEFT JOIN cmn_captions_nls VAT ON ( ova.label_pk_id=VAT.pk_id and VAT.language_code = 'en'   
and VAT.table_name='ODF_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES' )
LEFT JOIN odf_custom_attributes oca on ( oca.object_name = oo.code    
and oca.internal_name = ova.attribute_code )
LEFT JOIN cmn_captions_nls CAT ON ( CAT.table_name = 'ODF_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES'     
and CAT.pk_id = oca.id and CAT.language_code = 'en' ) 
LEFT JOIN odf_view_sections ovs on ( ovs.id=ova.section_id )
WHERE ov.code = 'yyyyyyyyy'
and hidden != 1
and section_id != -1
ORDER BY ova.section_id , ova.col , ova.display_order asc

Replacing 'yyyyyyyyy' with the view "ID" that you see on the View/Page screen (or Subpage screen for edit views) - for example 'projectGeneral'

I don't think I'm saving you from all cut/pasting, but this does make the job a lot easier!

(Of course you can extend this as you need, the above was all I needed at the time I worked it out - and its Oracle syntax, hard coded 'en', working OK for me in 8.1, YMMV etc)



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