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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Aug 3, 2011
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Hello all, Is anyone on the CMMT bandwagon with me?

I figured the first thing I was going to try to tackle was the 0C4 I get running against a R16 CV at times using the R4 function. When I tried assembling the XRMP0071 source against the R16 maclib the problem with #TBKDS is immediately apparent. It assembles properly with an R15 maclib. So I began to cook a SRMP0071 module, it was apparently overlooked in the R16 conversion. To activate it I think I need to slot it in to the XRMPDRIV module.
This is where the fun began. It might be that the open source version of XRMPDRIV is not compatible with my[b] XRMPVTAM module that calls it? I'm going 0C4 pretty early, in the TSTPARAM routine.
Well I see there are some other source versions of the DRIV module so I'll keep plugging away.

[color=#0b02fd]If anyone else is working on this, I'd love to hear from you.[color]

[color=#0b02fd]Need to have a CMMT support group or something[color]... Thanks for putting it up Gary, now the real fun begins... There seem to be many other inconsistencies with the loadlib I was sent and have been using since the R16 conversion with what is supplied in the open source. For example, I don't have any of the SRMPxxxx modules linked. The R16 compatibility seems to be in my XRMPxxxx modules. Nobody said it was gonna be easy?