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Rate Matrix: Rate source vs Cost Source

Question asked by woutje76 on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,

I am diving deeply into everything (manuals,guides, this forum) but couldn't find anything about the following.

I have set up a project with a separate cost source matrix, and a rate source matrix. I have difficulties on what values to enter in each matrix

- Is it true that EV only uses values used in the rate source matrix?
- Do you generally not use the 'standard cost' field in the rate source matrix as it is covered in the cost source matrix (referring to costs of labor, used in internal cost reporting)
- What happens if you have overlapping deviating values for the same resource in the cost AND rate source matrix ?
- If you have overlapping values for a resource in both matrices, what is the desired set up ? Only use the 'rate' and 'actual cost' field in the rate source matrix and only use 'standard cost' in the cost source matrix? (I know leaving the field "rate" field zero (0,00) will not produce a rate.
- can anyone lay out the difference between 'actual cost' and rate and standard cost in terms of 'to be used for' either 'relevant for reporting about real cost on project, based on what a resource earns in money and what is costs the company', 'used in calculating how much money can be invoiced to the customer' for all three variances...and how I should use them?

I really hope someone can help me....