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Need to Run Query fromCommand Line Worksation

Question asked by NikhilKotagiri on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 21, 2010 by NikhilKotagiri
Any Suggestions on the below issue

We are running an application on 24 WebLogic JVM’s. Basically we need to find out Maximum value of a specific metric (“Open Session Current Count” which is basically use to find the maximum number of users) on that day.

We can do this one by the investigator, but its lot of time consuming process so we are trying to get this data from the Command line Workstation.

So Ideally the Requirement is when we ran that command it has to find the maximum value of day for each Individual JVM that means if we have 24 JVMs it has to print 24 values.

It’s really very important for us

Any help would be really appreciated.