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Introscope WTG

Question asked by madhu1512 on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by madhu1512

We had outage of High business application majorly deals with credit card was down yesterday. The Datapower working fine, the app servers working fine but the application is down.Our customer decided to use Wily WTG to find out synthetic Transaction for the application to find out whether the application is up or down. But WTG is not giving that much data.

There is no much valuable information in the WTG implementation guide.

What we are looking?

1. How to get cookies response using WTG like average response, request
response, status etc.
2. How do we know whether the application is up or down. We want to setup
alert on this to prevent the outage in introscope.
3. How do it provide complete info like status,total response,average
response etc.
4. Will it support HTTPS,if so how to add certificate to it?

If any one successfully implemented .Please provide the details and examples how to for above requesting info.

WTG version: 4.1
Linux: 5.6