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When to use the Process Run Event-Waiting Steps

Question asked by SankhadeepDhar on May 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by raise.clarity
While testing a process under development, I ran into an issue that one of the steps won't complete and go to the next step although all the conditions were satisfied. It happened only once and I guess this would be because of some process engine hiccup.
I then navigated to Process Engines --> clicked on the bg server name and clicked the button ‘Run Event-Waiting Steps’.
The process step which was stuck, immediately started after my action.

I am not sure if my action had resolved the issue, or if that the step just started by itself as it is supposed to be.

Can someone explain me what exactly ‘Run Event-Waiting Steps’ does and in what cases would it be useful?
Can I use it when processes steps stuck without any reason?