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Populate values from lookup window to parent window

Question asked by prakashm on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by prakashm
Hi is there a way to get the values from the lookup form into the parent window and assigned to the attributes.

For e.g I have a dynamic lookup created using release table with release name, start and finish dates. I provided three attributes on the custom object- release name ,start date and finish date . Release name is a lookup field and it is referring the dynamic lookup. It returns the release name from the lookup. I want the start and finish date (available in the lookup) also to be populated from the lookup to this object.
Is this possible ?

Or else is there a way to assign the value from one attribute field to the that case I will have a display value return in the lookup field and split the dates from the lookup value.

Appreciate your help on this.