CA Tuesday Tip: Are you running a supported release of CA Easytrieve?

Discussion created by Helen_Biederbeck Employee on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hello User Community Members:

It's sometimes hard to keep up with new releases or versions when we are running without problems. When we all of a sudden run into a problem and open an issue we find oops we are not running a supported release.
Keep up with your un-supported and supported product releases.

Check out our latest Easytrieve Report Generator for z/OS 11.6 here:
]CA Easytrieve Report Generator for z/OS release 11.6 is GA

Keep up with Easytrieve products going EOS(End of Service) here:
CA Easytrieve Release and Support Lifecycle Dates

Here is where you can keep track of new product releases for Easytrieve and support announcements:
CA Easytrieve Product Release and Support Announcements

Any other news you are looking for about CA Easytrieve can be found on the product home Page here:
CA Easytrieve Product Home Page

Any questions you may have please let me know.