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Where is the NSA install history stored?

Question asked by Andy_O_Sullivan on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2011 by Andy_O_Sullivan

After my install of r12 last week, I discovered my existing test 7.5.3 test system (which should have been unaffected
as it is on a separate server) is now showing an NSA Installation Status of Incomplete: click here for Installation Overview.

I'm unsure exactly what happened but I must have accidentally ran an install command / some other mistake on this server.

My question is - where does the NSA get it's install history from? Is it the database? Because I have restored a backup db
into the referenced db to no avail. Is the install state stored in a config file somewhere e.g. some xml file on the server?

I want to get the system back to the previous state (without restoring the entire filesystem) - is there some config file I can replace/edit?

Thanks again,
Andy O'Sullivan