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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Aug 18, 2011
When I am "Cross Posting posts from IUA/EIUA CA Community Message Board" to IDMS-L - the posts carry my name, as they do on the CA Communities Message Board when I cross-post back. This does not necessarily mean that the issues belong to myself, or to my workplace at Justice Technology Services. On IDMS-L posts from IUA/EIUA Message Board - you will see the name of the original author of the thread/post as shown below:

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I am not so much concerned for myself - I just want to make sure that the rest of the IUA Community is aware that at JTS we do not have nearly so many problems as one might think !
Most of our problems we manage to hide internally 8o

The particular thread shown below (right at the very end) actually originated on the IUA/EIUA CA Community Message Board - so the "original" thread on IDMS-L may appear to have originated from myself, at JTS?

On behalf of the people who have started original threads - please let me thank the many IUA Members who have supplied so many useful responses -
and personally I've enjoyed the brief flashes of what passes for DBA humour as well ! :tongue

Cheers - Gary

""""" Gary says:
@@ Grab them by their X-posting data -
> and their hearts and minds will follow!
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Gary, I don't know the viability of this solution for your situation.

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