Java JRE not found

Discussion created by another_martink on Aug 19, 2011
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One of the stationary reported problem on the OWB forum was Java JRE not found.

On sourceforge there is a thread on this with among other the following posts


2007-03-03 22:14:54 UTC
You forgot to mention which platform.
My answer will cover windows (XP-pro SP2).
Your a victim of the update policy of Java or more the lack of it.

There's only one solution.

- Uninstall all updates
- Uninstall Java
- Check if all java objects are gone from IE

Go to: and reinstall Java again.

As soon after announcement of an update:

- refuse
- java uninstall
- download java and install again

Follow this procedure until they see the light and figure out a real updateservice.



2011-08-19 01:28:09 UTC
Confirming this error also occurs in Windows 7, the fix provided by diepfreezer works in Windows 7 as well.

Has anybody reading this forum ever tried anything like that and did it work or not?

Martti K.