Looking for join condition to Entry Number field on PPA_TRANSCONTROLAPINFO

Discussion created by Maddineni on May 31, 2010
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Hi ,

I'm in the process of creating a custom porltet.
As per our requirement I will have to include Transaction Entry Number with all selected attributes on Screen 1(plz see attached screens).
I have tried find out join condition for "Entry number"(on screen 2, plz see attached screens) ,but unfortunately I did not manage to find out join condition.

The master table for these Entry numbers is: niku.PPA_TRANSCONTROLAPINFO.

According to provided clarity documentation join condition supposed to be:

But there are no values being recorded on PPA_TRANSCONTROL.PPA_TRANSCONTROLAPINFO_ID column.

Browsed through complete NIKU DB tables, still no luck on this.
Could anyone help me on this join?

Please take a look at the attached screen shot.
Screen 1: Portlet attributes (Create adjust WIP screen on Clarity).
Screen 2: "Entry number" screen on clarity (Transaction Entry screen on Clarity).

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