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Solaris Web Agent Performance Issues

Question asked by ple4 on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by SungHoon_Kim
We have a user that wants to install the siteminder R6SP6CR35 web agent on a Solarius 10 server running the latest version of Apache 2. I have no experience was solaris so I installed the webagent in the same manner I would for a Red Hat Linux box (using the appropriate solaris webagent of course) and it installed fine and is protecting the web pages I specified. Only problem is the web server is now EXTREMELY slow. When I turn off siteminder, the server runs beautifully. But when I renable the agent, it goes back to a crawl. I've looked everywhere for solutions. I checked CA's documentation and ensured I have patch 119963 installed. This is a freshly installed server running nothing but apache and siteminder. Are there any obvious performance tweaks I need need to implement specific to siteminder? Any help would be greatly appreciated.