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URL opening subobject; cannot create new records

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by vtleogal2
Has anyone encountered this issue?

We have a URL where the link is populated to point to subobject on a project based upon a process. this URL resides on the Change Request. Once the CR is saved, the URL link is populated by a process to point to a subobject on the project. this works great. Click on the URL and you are on the subobject's list screen- this opens up as a pop up window automatically (you cannot right click on it and choose open in new tab or window. the URL attribute is read only )
here is the problem:

on the list screen, select NEW
The first required field is a lookup. The minute I select a value from the lookup and choose "ADD" the window closes and i am returned to the CR screen. Thus, I cannot craete a new record from this intended shortcut.

I hope that makes sense.. anyone know of why this would occur? I can complete a "create new" function if I go directly to the subobject.

Thought I would edit this to mention: this is a java script (according to development)-- it appears to be the way IE handles returning to the "parent window" .. so you start from the Cr
click on the link which brings you to the subobject's list
click new
when you select the lookup (static dependent)- you select add to choose a value
apparenty IE says return to the parent window and it thinks that is the CR screen and not the "create screen" from which you came
any way around this?

Here is an exmple of the URL so you can see its content (no prod envrionment)

v 12.1