Resource Requisitioning workflow

Discussion created by Jim_Fuhring on Jun 4, 2010
We are designing our resource requisitioning process work flow to be able to handle booking FTEs, named, and un-named consultants. Requisitioning seems straightforward when booking FTE and named consultants. They are both in Clarity as our supply of resources available for work. Un-named resources is a challenge. Basically, when work needs to be done on a project that should be assigned to our managed vendor(s), this is where the un-named resource would get assigned the work.

The problem is that Clarity assigns work to resources in the system. So, as an idea, we are thinking of creating virtual resources such as Vendor x, Vendor Y, Vendor Z, resources. A PM would ask for a particular role, the requisition would get routed to the booking manager/resource manager responsible for sourcing the work to fill that role, and then would assign the virtual resource (Vendor X) in the requested role.

What we think this will allow us to do is be able to determine the demand on Vendor X, Sys Admins and Vendor Y, Project Managers.

Has anyone performed a similar design or has found a solution to the problem of creating requisitions that have to be filled by un-named vendor resources?