Monitor my JMXBean with Introscope

Discussion created by pkdevan on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by cncook001
Hi Iam trying to do the following:
Write a custome JMXBean, which will be invoked by my webservice class (java), to log some information, such as the count of failures and success etc.
I want Introscope to monitor my JMXBean and listen for the attributes failurecount. If the failure count is greater than X, then send out an email alert.
I also want to show the status using a graph, that will display some of the attributes (fields) of my JMXBeans. This JMXBean is being used more for application level monitoring (not for monitoring the memory leaks or threads).
can you please let me know if my approach is correct. ie. Using JMXBean to listen for application level field values.
Also please let me know how to configure introscope to listen to my JMXBean.
thanks and best regards